Wasps make nests in the ground, punga trees, and wall cavities, and can become aggressive quickly.


Wasps Control

Being stung by wasp  is a painful experience and can even be life threatening to the one in thirty people who are allergic to stings, so it is important to ensure that wasp nests are properly treated and removed.

If you have noticed a high number of wasps in your home or garden it is likely that there is a nest nearby. They are often found in covered areas with easy outside access such as wall cavities, roof spaces or under the eaves of buildings. A single nest may contain thousands of wasps, so take great care when dealing with wasp nests as they have a harmful sting and can attack in large numbers if disturbed or threatened.

The risk from wasps is particularly high towards the end of summer – it is preferable to destroy a wasps nest earlier in the year before wasps become more aggressive.

You should not attempt DIY treatment if you might be allergic to wasp stings. Also if the nest is indoors or difficult to access we would recommend you call us for professional wasp nest removal services.

Bay Pest services can safely destroy and remove Wasps Nests within your home or garden. The service is fast, effective and affordable.

Call the Rotorua Pest Control experts, Bay Pest Services today for a free quote for wasp removal services and professional advice.

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