Silverfish Removal

Silverfish are pesky little insects that are capable of causing allergies, damaging personal items, or even attracting other pests.

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Silverfish are well known for their destructive feeding habits, often ruining clothing, papers and wallpaper. They often feed on carbohydrates, so shampoos, glue in books, silk, linen and dead insects are often common food sources. Silverfish may also find their way into unopened food packages. Capable of thriving in most climates, silverfish prefer to dwell in dark, damp areas such as basements, attics, kitchens and bathrooms. They are especially attracted to damp clothing and paper. You will commonly find them in stored cardboard boxes in garages and sheds.

People can often bring silverfish indoors unknowingly. When brought inside the home, boxes and plastic containers recently stored in infested areas can allow the pests to spread. Any spaces that are warm and moist have the capacity to attract these insects. The pests will enter homes through gaps around doors or foundation cracks. Leaving dirty dishes out in the open is also a common cause of luring silverfish indoors.

Silverfish Treatment and Removal

Silverfish can often be difficult to keep away. If you are needing to remove an infestation from you home or workplace, call the Rotorua registered Pest Control experts, Bay Pest Services today for a free quote and professional advice.

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