Seagull Control Solutions

Are seagulls ruining your building? Are they covering your customers’ cars with droppings? We provide bird control solutions that will last a lifetime.

Fix Your Seagull Problems 

While seagull control is associated with the pest management industry, controlling seagulls is not at all similar to controlling insects or other vertebrate pests. This kind of problem requires specialist intervention, and an in depth knowledge of bird control regulations. We use a wide variety of proven methods to control, deter and manage nuisance seagull problems. We also have a significant amount of experience, having undertaken large commercial programmes in Rotorua and the wider Bay of Plenty.

“Flock Off” Bird Spike System

Our “Flock Off” seagull control systems are perfect for use on any building profile or shape, whether it’s a residential home or commercial/industrial building. It doesn’t cause any damage to your roof or edging either.

On top of this, our system is humane and doesn’t actually physically hurt the seagulls, unlike some other approaches.

We have had many clients over the years approach us after trying these other methods and have been impressed with the long term results from using our “Flock Off” bird spike system.

Our seagull spikes are made of high quality stainless steel (beware of cheap imitations) on a thick plastic polymer backing. They are not designed to harm the seagulls, as they are flexible and bend when light force is applied. This proven design effectively deters seagulls from landing on the ledges.  They are also relatively low profile and barely visible when applied to buildings.

Of course, there are other approaches using bird scaring devices and mechanical deterrents. From our experience however, these do not work in the long term. This is because they can wear out over time, and have limited effectiveness as the birds become familiar with these systems.

Deter Seagulls With Commercial and Residential Application

Some examples of commercial building installations are:

  • Rotorua Central Mall
  • Mitre 10 Rotorua
  • Lakes District Health Board

North Island Wide Coverage

Bay Pest Services is the North Island’s foremost seagull control company. If you’re experiencing seagull problems in the North Island, contact one of our qualified professionals for advice on how to deal with them.

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