Insect Control for Wasps and Bees

Wasps make nests in the ground, ponga trees, and wall cavities, and can become aggressive quickly. Aggressive wasps become more prevalent towards the end of summer.

Wasp Nests Large & Small

In March 2019, Bay Pest Services went to battle with a monster wasp nest, measuring 2 metres wide by 2 metres tall! It was the largest nest that owner Chris Brunel had seen in his 30 years in the industry. His estimate was that the nest likely contained over a million wasps!

Watch Bay Pest Services tackle the monster nest on One News:

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Exterminators Battle Monster Wasp Nest Near Hamurana

Nuisance Wasps

Anyone who has been stung by a wasp will agree that it can be a very painful experience. To the one in thirty people who are allergic to stings, it can even be life threatening. Even if someone is not allergic, a wasp sting around the mouth or throat can still be a major concern if the swelling leads to blocked airways. For this reason it is important to ensure that wasp nests are properly treated and removed.

If you’ve noticed a high number of wasps around your home, it is likely that there is a nest nearby. You’ll commonly find a wasp nest in covered areas with easy outside access. This can include wall cavities, roof spaces or under the eaves of buildings. The risk of encountering aggressive wasps is particularly high towards the end of summer as the numbers in the colony swell. It is always preferable to destroy a nest as early as possible, before the size of the nest and its population increases.

A single nest may contain thousands of wasps and they can attack in large numbers if disturbed or threatened. Therefore, dealing with wasp nests requires great care and experience. The threat of attack is why DIY treatment is not recommended, especially for those sensitive to stings. Most people are unaware of how to get rid of wasps nests properly, so calling a professional is always safest.

WATCH: Chris From Bay Pest Responds to DIY Wasp Control Techniques

Wasp Control and Removal

Bay Pest Services are qualified and experienced pest control specialists who can safely destroy and remove wasps nests within your home or garden. The service is fast, effective and affordable.

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Ant Control

New Zealand has 40 species of ants, with pest control methods varying depending on the species you are dealing with.

Ants and Insect Control Rotorua

Ants are an irritant when they come into the home looking for food. The most common species in NZ, the Garden Ant, is not thought to carry disease, however it’s impossible to know where the ants were last foraging for food. It is advised therefore to take steps to prevent them entering your home and food cupboards. You can do this by keeping all food in airtight containers and cleaning up all food and drink spills.

Controlling ants can be difficult as they can enter your home or office through even the tiniest cracks in their quest for food and water. Ants can nest almost anywhere: in lawns, walls, stumps, even under house foundations and foot paths.

Don’t ignore the ants around your home or business as an ant can live a relatively long lifetime and depending on the type of ant some can live for over a decade.

While it’s tempting to kill an ant when you spot one, it is more important to track that one ant back to the nest. It will take you right back to the Queen(s) and larvae, so you can take them all out at once. Most DIY ant control products are short-term as they will only kill the ants you see. Plus, many home remedies don’t account for the fact that different kinds of ant infestations require different treatments.

It is true that sprays, poisons and other DIY ant control products can help to deal with smaller ant problems. However, it is advised to get professional pest control services to effectively deal with larger, multiple or tropical ant infestations. Our solutions are much more effective, as we can knock out the nest once and for all.

Ant Infestations & Ant Removal

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Controlling Cockroaches

One of the most common household pests, cockroaches carry diseases and are a common cause of allergies.

Cockroaches and Pest Control Services in Rotorua

Cockroaches are an unpleasant and unsightly pest and can potentially carry a range of serious illnesses including salmonella, dysentery, gastro-enteritis and typhoid. Their droppings have also been linked with increases in eczema and asthma.

Cockroaches can wreak havoc on your home or office and can enter in many different ways, through cracks and crevices, air vents, drain pipes. They tend to feed on a diet of rotting garbage and/or food scraps. So, for long-term prevention it’s important to try to clean up any food and drink spills as soon as they happen, and keep your house and office tidy. This includes removing rubbish regularly, and storing your food in sealed containers.

Roaches prefer warm, moist and sheltered areas close to food and water, making buildings an ideal breeding ground. Unfortunately, cockroaches are also incredibly resilient and they can survive in extremes of heat and cold. With the ability to reproduce quickly so you shouldn’t disregard the odd cockroach you see around your house. For every one you see there can be many more living in the walls of your home or office.

Controlling Cockroaches

Without the right tools and know how it can be a difficult to control a cockroach infestation. DIY products can be effective in solving smaller cockroach problems, but it can be difficult to reach all of the hiding places with these products. Without a professional treatment, infestations are likely to reoccur especially when surviving cockroach eggs begin to hatch.

Professional Cockroach Removal

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