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Admit it, no one likes spiders! Some are poisonous, some cause cobwebs, but all are unsightly and unwanted in our homes and offices.

Remove Spiders From Your Home or Workplace

None of our indigenous NZ spiders are actually dangerous to humans. However, many people have a fear of spiders and they can be a particular pest in the home and workplace. These creepy crawlies generally enter a house in the autumn months. This is generally because they need warm and dry places to spend the winter. To prevent your house or workplace becoming a spider’s winter retreat we recommend filling in any gaps in walls and under doors, and keeping sheltering sites like firewood piles and compost piles as far away from your buildings as possible.

Generally the spider’s web is more of a nuisance than the spider itself but large infestations can prove extremely difficult to control without professional help. DIY spider control usually fails to get into all the small and dark corners, cracks and crevices that spiders find to hide.

Spider Bites

Most New Zealand spiders are harmless, but the Katipo, Redback and White-tailed spiders can be harmful and should be avoided.

Although Redback and Katipo spider bites are rare, if you suspect you have been bitten by a Katipo or Redback spider it is advised that you seek urgent medical attention. Do not panic as serious reactions are uncommon and hospitals are able to provide safe and effective treatment.

The more common White-tailed spider bites are not poisonous to humans, but can be painful. The initial pain, swelling and redness usually subsides after a few hours with no long-lasting effects.

Professional Spider Control

If you would like professional advice and a free quote to remove spiders from your home or workplace, get in touch with Bay pest Services, Rotorua’s pest control experts. Our team of qualified pest control specialists will help keep your house or workplace free of these messy creepy-crawlies.

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