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The cooler months are when mice start to find a warm place to spend the winter. Don’t let these pest take over your home or workplace.

Mice & Rodent Control

When the temperatures outside begin to drop, mice begin searching for a warmer place to live. Often attracted by the smell of food and the warmth of a house, mice can exploit even the smallest of holes to gain entry to your home or workplace.

Mice carry disease and pose serious health risks and because mice have teeth that grow continuously, the are constantly looking for things to gnaw. This can lead to significant damage to items like cupboards and furniture and, can even cause house fires through chewed electrical cables.

If left untreated, an infestation of mice can quickly spread and while DIY pest control products are a cost effective way to control small infestations, professional mouse control is advised for more established mice colonies.

Preventing Mice Infestations

The best insurance against an infestation of mice is to prevent it altogether. Keep all rubbish sealed and keep your home or office clean, be sure not to leave food scraps lying around, and keep all food in glass or metal containers. Don’t forget to clean behind your fridge as this is a favourite place of mice to build their nests.
To prevent mice from entering your home it is important to fill all cracks, crevices, holes and gaps larger than the width of an adult finger with cement or a mixing compound. Do not use wood or a similar material to fill these holes, as mice are capable of easily chewing through those materials.

Professional Mice Removal

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